Why Is KIK Messenger Not Fully Safe and Why You Should Be Concerned


This chat messenger app has been so popular lately with billions of registered users. Everyone you know seems to be registered with it and more than not it is their favorite chat messenger that they use for texting, sharing pics, videos. But Is it 100 percent Safe To Use It?.
Read the below article and by the end of it you will probably be aware of the various risks that come along with the fun that this app provides.

Is KIK messenger safe to use ?

Most people by now are aware of the enormous benefits of the world wide web, but what they don’t realize is the fact that equal amount of risks hop along with it. While using the web or any online application, one should be extra aware of the activities that you do. There are people over the internet whom you can serve as a target for and who can totally take advantage of you or in fact blackmail you by threatening to damage your reputation.
Adults for once can be believed to be extra cautious about the scams over the internet, but when it comes to the teens, they are more likely to become a victim of internet abuses.
Things over the internet have never been more risky, let us look at some various factors which you should avoid while using this mobile chat messenger and how they are dangerous for you.

What is KIK?
It is a messaging platform meant for communication which was originally came into existence in 2010 and gained humongous popularity by 2015. Currently it has more than 1.2 billion subscribed users and many more to come. It is a text messaging system for smartphones without having to use your network charges, it works over the internet hence you would need a working internet connection in order to use this application on your device.

How you can download and install it?
It is fairly easy to download and use it for anyone. It comes free of cost and is farely easy to use, all you need is a smartphone. It also works on PC
Check out our tutorials to use this app online
Login Online On PC/MAC/Linux
Login for iOS and Android smartphones

Why is KIK so popular amongst teenagers and kids?
With the rise of smartphones usage amongst teens, the use of KIK messenger has also increased. It is free and let’s you exchange texts messages, photos, videos with your friends. You can even use their in built browser to browse the web links without having to leave the app at all. This has never been so much fun and hence there you see why teens are more likely to have this messaging app on their smartphones than any other application?

People subject to blackmail on KIK

As we quite often see in the news these days, people are getting blackmailed on KIK. With the rise of this messenger and its growing number of users mostly young women are being blackmailed mostly to have them submit their objectionable photos against their will. These blackmailers often threaten these young women to re-distribute their display pic or their usernames on adult websites. There was a recent incident in the news wherein a young teenage girl was blackmailed to have her embarrassing photos. These photos were re-distributed over the internet against her will.

Awareness on adult private data abuse

People who tend to use this chatting app for sexting purposes may want to reconsider their actions. While you indulge in adult conversations with strangers you may never know whom you are having these talks with. Is that person someone who is even of you age, his identity ? you know nothing about. You might end up sending this person questionable pictures of you which might end up all over the internet.
People over KIK have no guarantee that they are using their original authentic profile. People use fake usernames just for these purposes.
People especially teens should be extra cautious if you tend to do so with strangers. These type of activities can often result in a reputation damage be it at work or school. No one wants that, right ?

What you can do as a parent/caretaker or as a teen to avoid it's misuse

1. Awareness on the various risks that hops along with this messenger
2. One should always know beforehand as to for what purpose you are using it
3. Parents should do random checks on their kid’s phone to see what they have been doing
4. Parents should educate their children of how they can be taken advantage of so that the children are well aware of what not to do
5. As a responsible teen/adult do not indulge in adult conversations with strangers as this way you will only be alleviating misuse, indirectly but by a noticeable factor.
6. Third party Apps connected to this messenger should have privacy settings on

Since this messenger app does not come with a privacy settings or parental control it is very difficult to hold anyone from misusing iteven unintentionally. This separates it from other social platforms. Parents should guide their kids on potential harms while using this app. You can always take precautions to help yourself stay away from frauds that are spread all over its network.

Stay cautious, Stay vigilant! :)

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