KIK Login Online on PC-MAC-Linux


I will take guide you to a series of steps using which you will be able to download and install and login to KIK on your computer or Desktop as you might call it
Just for your information this app does not allow users to install its messenger app on our computers as of now, so in this case we have to use emulators in which we can install it. This may look a little tricky but trust me it’s rather very simple and easy-going. Just follow the steps and be ready to use this mobile messenger.

I will discuss about 3 most famous emulators that you can install on your computer using which you can install and the application.

1. By using Manymo
2. By Using Bluestacks
3. By Using Genymotion

Login online with Manymo

Most of the people have probably not heard of Manymo. Those who know of it know how useful this application is and the services it comes bundled with. Manymo is an android emulator that allows any app that is made for android i.e. comes with an .apk installable can be read by this android emulator Manymo and thus it can run the android app on it. In simple words, anymo creates a virtual platform that behaves as an android device which is thus capable of running android apps. You can not only run KIK but any android app on your PC using Manymo.
To use Manymo you must have a google play account as you would need to download the .apk file from google play which requires an account.

Steps to login to KIK using Manymo emulator

1. Navigate to

2. Create a free account on their website. It is completely free. Make a note of your manymo credentials as it would be needed by you later

3. Once the sign up process is done you need to launch the emulator. There are a bunch of emulators you can chose from, launch which suits the best according to you need.

4. Now you just need to upload the KIK messenger installation file (.apk file) into the emulator

5. To get the .apk file use this link from the google playstore You would need a google play account to download as i stated earlier

6. Once the .apk file gets downloaded on your computer just upload this file to the Manymo emulator and you would see the app launching just the same way it would on your smartphone

7. Just login to KIK using your credentials and start the chat rolling

Quite easy ?

Login on PC/Desktop with Bluestacks emulator for android

Bluestacks is the second option we can use to use this messenger on our PC or MAC.
Similar to Manymo, Bluestacks is also an android emulator that run android apps by creating a virtual android environment on your PC or MAC.

Steps to login online using Bluestacks emulator

1. Download Bluestacks emulator from

2. Once the app gets downloaded install the app on your computer and launch it

3. Once Bluestacks gets launched, search for KIK messenger using the search box and you will find a new box showing KIK messenger

4. Launch the KIK app installation procesdure and sign in or sign up with your credentials

5. You are all set to use KIK messenger app on your PC/MAC

6. Start chatting with other KIK users right from your computer.

Login on PC/MAC/Linux using using Genymotion emulator for android

Similar to Bluestacks, Genymotion is an android emulator that creates an android environment on your computer thus allowing you to install and run android based applications on your computer.
You can use Genymotion on Windows, Linux or MAC. Thus allowing you more options as it supports wide ranges of Operating Systems.

Steps to login using Genymotion android emulator

1. Download and install Genymotion from

2. Sign up to their website and download it. Be careful that you download the Genymotion install-able files according your operating system. If you use windows, then download the windows version of it

3. Once Genymotion gets installed just launch it. It would ask you to create a virtual device, click yes and a new virtual device would get created

4. In the virtual device creation process click ‘Connect’ , it would ask you for your Genymotion username and password to fetch the list of available virtual devices

5. Once you enter your genymotion username and password, it would fetch a list of virtual devices. Just chose one from the list . Click next and the virtual device download would start

6. Start by running the virtual device, it would launch the android emulator virtually

7. Highlight the downloaded virtual device and click on play

This is it. You have a fully functional android operating system running on your computer. You would be able to do anything that you can on your normal android device; play games, browse internet and what not. The user interface on Genymotion is just awesome and user-friendly to use. Totally worth a shot!

Comparison between Manymo and Genymotion and Bluestacks emulator for android

Manymo Bluestacks Genymotion
Free version is available to use for non-commercial use Free version is available to emulate android Free version is available to emulate android
Cross platform - can run on any Operating System PC/MAX/LINUX Runs only on windows Runs on many platforms such as Linux/MAC/PC
Is a web based emulator hence no installation is needed Needs to be downloaded and installed on your computer Needs to be downloaded and installed on your computer
Does not emulates any android version Cannot emulate any android version Can emulate any android version starting from Jellybean
Is faster than most android devices Hangs relatively more and slow compared to other emulators Is faster to use
Allows any screen size and operating system combination Cannot customize screen size Cannot customize screen size
Gives a very nice android experience Does not give a nice android experience relatively Gives a very nice android experience

Personally, i feel Manymo is the best android emulator that i have used so far as no physical installation is needed for it. Just upload an android application apk file once and you are ready to use it anywhere without having to use your own computer as it runs on a web browser. Hence it can be used anywhere, anytime. How cool is that ? :-)

Now that we know how to login to KIK on our Desktops/Laptops/PC, Linux machines and our MAC, we can use it on the go. Keep chatting guys and have fun.

Once you are ready to use this app, check out our blog post about Finding and Adding Friends on KIK
Do share your experience with us or if you need any help in setting up any emulator :-)


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