How To Recover KIK Deleted Messages and Conversations


I do know that it is really traumatic. In fact, that you may handiest store a unique amount of messages on the app unless you must back them up somehow. In any other case they get deleted.

You might have had your app messeges delete by ways such:
1. Deleted the messages or conversation
2. Deleted the app
3. misplaced or damaged device
4. Reached your saved message restrict
5. App itslef deleted them as part of the update

Note that this instant messenger application does not save your messages at their servers so you need to:
1. save them in your gadget
2. Backed up on a laptop or cloud storage

So how do you retrieve these old lost messages?

That you can preclude this from going by downloading the Google Play app, to your Google device, called 'back up and fix Kik'. The steps to backing up your chat messages are,

1. download the app
2. install the app and open Kik messenger
3. click on Back Up

Now your conversations are backed up and you will be able to retrieve backed up messages through hitting restoration. Please note that when you uninstall the app, you are going to lose all backed up messages.

Losing all you messages and conversations can be pretty sad and you may feel that you have to start it again. Although there are few online recovery tools also available that you can install and recover deleted data if you have not already backed up your app related data. To keep it simple just back up your data regularly to save yourself from a sudden trauma of such kind it it happens to you at all.

We have also included a video at the top that you can watch to recover your chat conversations

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