How To Find Friends on KIK Chat Messenger | Simple Tutorial


Hey Guys, have you been using this amazing chat messenger that goes by the name of KIK? Well, you are probably wondering that how do you find friends on this messenger with whom you can chat and have an amazing quality fun time. You might want to add 'new friends' apart from those you know You might be interested in making new friends there. So how do you go about it? Let me answer that question for you. Start publicizing your existence on KIK in order for other people to add you. Read the below mentioned ways by which people would be able to find you.

Do the following things after you have created an account and have Signed in to the chat Messenger.

1. Share Your Profile

KIK Share you Profile
You need to share your KIK profile over other social media platforms such as twitter or facebook and what not. Just go to settings and tap on "Share Your Profile", Select which social media you want your username to be posted to and boom!! You might wrap up your day with some new friends.
You can also share your app related usernames directly on your social media accounts to land some new friends. Just share in your username over your other social media accounts and you should be done.

2. Join A Public Group

KIK Join a Public Group
You may want to join a group that is open to all. Just join a group that interests you. For eg. if you love football then go and join a group that talks about football. You will find people there with similar interests and there would be a lot common in you both. You might end up being good friends as well.

3. Start Your Own Public Group

KIK Start your Public Group
Just start a group with any name that interests you. Make sure that it is public so that other people can search it and add themselves to it. This way you meet new friends of similar interests with no extra effort at all. Try it out and let us know if this helped you.

4. Address Book Matching

KIK Address Book Matching
Turn on Address Book Matching by tapping to Settings > Chat Settings > Address Book Matching. The app will itself send a match message to contacts in your phone’s address book, who also have Kik, and have address book matching turned on. Cool way to add friends from your phone contacts right?

5. Web Pages

KIK Web Pages for Chatting
Just hit the web icon (globe) in your chats main screen and type in 'chat' into the search box. You will find many web pages that might interest you. For ex. 'Match and Chat', It registers your profile and other people who use the same webpage will be able to find you on KIK and can add you. Similarly, you can also find your preferred type of friends through this app

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