How to Block People from Your KIK Messenger | A Complete Tutorial


With the inflow of social media and messaging apps throughout all platforms, it's now handy to preserve in touch along with your pals and household as good as meet new humans from in all places the arena. As you meet more new people you sometimes realize that few of them you don't need to ge in touch with especially when they start bothering you or start spamming you with unnecessary texts. You might get restless as to how to avoid them. It has an feature wherein you can block certain users so that they will not be able to interact with you on this application. Let us learn how to do it.

1. Login to KIK chat Messenger App and tap on the settings button that is depicted by a small rotor wheel at the top left of your home screen
KIK Home Screen

2. A new screen will pop up. Click on Chat Settings
KIK Settings

3. Now you would see multiple options out of which you need to click on Block List
KIK Chat Settings

4. It would show you a screen wherein those contacts which you have blocked would appear. It would be empty if you have not already blocked any. To block any contact tap the '+' button at the top right o the screen. Now search for the username of the contact you want to block and after his/her profile displays below, click on the profile.
Block KIK Contact

5. A Screen would show up asking you to confirm that you want to block this contact. Tap on block and there you go, you just blocked a undesired and problematic contact thus saving yourself from all the trouble he/she was causing you.
Block KIK Contact

And Boom!! You have just learned how to block people over this app so that they can stop bothering you. This is a very useful technique that might save you from tons of trouble and you may prevent your time from being wasted. Let us know if you find this article useful. :)
Till then Ciao! :)

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