Different Type of Chat Settings On KIK | A Complete Guide


Every wondered what does that Chat Settings button on settings screen does for you? You are too busy texting and having conversations with your friends that you might have almost ignored this. Lest me discuss with you each and every Chat Setting in detail and what all you can do with it. You should know about the different Chat Settings on this chat Messenger so that you can take your chat experience on to a new level. So Let us start.

1. Tap the Settings button on the top left of the home screen
KIK Home Screen

2. Click on Chat Setting button
KIK Settings

A screen would pop up with different bunch of settings that you can make. They are are as follows:
KIK Chat Settings

Block List

This button enables you to block unwanted contacts that bother. They will no longer be able to contact with you on over the app.It would also show you a list of people you have previously blocked so that it is easy to manage them.
Check out our tutorial on How to block contacts.

Enter Key Send

What this does is that each time you type a text to someone you have to tap on the message bubble icon to actually send the text. This is somewhat irritating and time consuming for few people. When you enable this Enter key send option, it allows you to send messages when you press the enter key or the return key. No need to tap on the chat bubble ust type your message and hi enter. Fast!!!

Chat Bubble Color

KIK Chat Bubbles
By default a green color appears next to the chat texts that you make with your friends. Well guess what? You can even customize this. Just click on the Chat Bubble Color option and you would see a wide variety of color bubble that you may choose from. Now your chat bubble would appear of the color you choose them to be. What do you say Ladies!!

Auto Download Videos

KIK Auto-download Videos
As the name suggests, it gives you an option of auto downloading the videos that you receive in your chats to your device. There are 3 options for auto downloads:
1. Never - never download any video
2. Wi-Fi Only - Download over Wi-Fi only
3. Wi-Fi an Cellular - download videos while on both Wi-Fi and Cellular data

There it is, now you are equipped with the knowledge about different Chat Settings that will optimize you chat experience. Let us know if you found this article worthwhile :)

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