Comparison: Whatsapp vs KIK Messenger


Whatsapp is an online chat messenger that is almost same as an SMS, it let's you send text messages to your friend provided they too are registered on Whatsapp messenger. But hey, all this is for free. Whatsapp uses cellular data or wifi networks to communicate hence no cellular charges for texts apply. Using whatsapp you can send texts, share audios, send videos, create a group between your friends and start communicating. It even lets you set a display picture for your profile along with a status message that can be customized anytime. Whatsapp messenger requires a valid mobile number to register for the service.

How people use KIK messenger
Similar to whatsapp, it also lets it's registered users send text messages, videos, pictures, audios, creation of group chats etc. with other registered users. It also consists of an in-built browser which allows you to browse web links without leaving the app itself. This lets you browse web content and share it along with your friends at the same time.
KIK does not need a mobile number verification, it just needs a unique username with which you would be identified on its network.

KIK vs Whatsapp

Difference between Whatsapp and KIK messenger

Whatsapp has a pretty simple sign up process, you just need to sign up with your current mobile number. Whatsapp would send you a confirmation code using which you would be able to start using Whatsapp without having to fill any details about you. Your phone number is by which you would be identified by Whatsapp. Also Whatsapp only allows you to chat with any other person on whatsapp if you have them in your mobile contact list. Without this you will not be able to communicate with them. Key to using whatsapp is that you need to know the mobile number of the person you wish to text to over Whatsapp.

KIK users can communicate with anyone on the its network, because unlike Whatsapp messenger it does not need the other person to be in your contact list. Since KIK identifies users by their unique usernames, you only need to know other person's app username to interact with them. As a matter of safety, users should keep their usernames private

Whatsapp vs KIK Messenger: Face Off

Whatsapp Messenger:
1. You don't need an e-mail address or a password to use Whatsapp services, rather you register using your mobile number
2. Users can share contacts or their current location to other users
3. According to Whatsapp user license, it requires you to be 16+ years in age
4. Whatsapp is free for the first year
5. Not so log ago, facebook acquired Whatsapp messenger
6. Users are also able to make voice calls to other users
7. Users can block unwanted contacts from communicating with them
8. Whatsapp has around 600 million users
9. Whatsapp works on all leading Operating Systems from iOs, Android to Blackberry

KIK Messenger App:
1. It requires users to be 17+ years in age
2. It has around 150 million users
3. Users can block unneeded contacts
4. It was developed by few students from Waterloo University, Canada
5. It has an in-built web browser
6. It does not need its users to register their mobile number, rather they need a unique username
7. It also works on most of the leading operating systems

So, we have tried to cover all possible aspects of both messengers so that you can decide which one fits the best according to your need. Both are equally good which differ in just their functionalities. Let us know by commenting which messenger out of the two you prefer :)

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