KIK Download and Login Procedure for iOS and Android Smartphones


Kik login Screen

We will describe every possible way you can login to this messenger. Many people face difficulties in downloading and creating an account to which they can later login and have a fun time with their friends by staying connected to them 24X7. Let’s look at this chat messenger for Android and iOS.

Login and Download for Android

Android smartphones are one of the most chosen smartphones today competing with iOS. The way you are able to customize it speaks it all. Here are the steps on how to download the app for android smartphones.

1. Open google play and search for Kik Messenger
2. Download the app
3. After download complete, launch the application
4. It would ask you to sign up first in order to be able to it
5. Fill in the basic details and a unique username with which you would be identified over the app network
6. Once you sign up, everything’s ready. Start adding friends and share your username with anyone you would like to connect with.

Once you are ready after you login to Kik messenger, you would be able to send instant messages to friends, colleagues, family. You will also be able to create group chats, share games,videos, images

With the details that you entered for signing up for it, you can sync all your activities on it to a new device if you use the same login details with it. How cool that is when you know you cannot lose app-specific data?

Remember your username should be unique. Pick a username that you can remember otherwise you will have to go through the forgot password procedure to be able to login again to your account that you created earlier.

Login and Download for iOS

iOS is one the world’s most reliable OS in the area of smartphones and tablets. Most of the world population chooses to use iOS. It’s pretty reliable, user friendly and works like a charm.
This app is free on iOS so anyone can download and install it without any hassle, just login to app store and download it now !

To download for iOS,
1. Go to the app store and search for KIK messenger.
2. App Download screen would show up and then you can begin to download and install this chat messenger on your iOS device.
3. Once it gets installed, just launch the application and the home screen would show up.
4. Enter your login details when you sign up choosing a unique username for your account.
5. This username would be your identity on Kik with which people would be able to add you as a friend.
6. It also asks you to enter your mobile number, but that is just for security purposes. It does not use your mobile number or email address to make your profile over the network.

Your anonymity is well maintained and you can thus filter out spammers giving you a friendly and easy to use instant messaging client to connect socially.

When you login to the messenger application you can wish to upload a display picture or to say a profile picture that would be visible to the people you wish to connect to.

One of the coolest feature about this app is that it contains an in app browser, that means you don't have to worry about closing the application in order to view web links or pages. This feature allows you to navigate web pages within itself. Enjoy this new feature :)

Adding Friends ( iOS + Android )

When your profile is all ready and you wish to add someone in your network, first thing you would need would be his/her username. Follow the below steps to add anyone.

Method 1: Using contact username

Just click on the search icon on the top right corner and search for the username you wish to add. When you are able to find the username just add them to your friend list.

Method 2: Using your phone contacts

You can also wish to add people using your phone contacts if they have this feature enabled on their account. If they also have this feature enabled then you can add each other using mobile phone contact numbers.

Method 3: Scanning Kik Code

Each user is provided with a unique code. You can scan their code and you will be able to add them in your friend.

Just click on the top right corner search icon and you will be shown all the options by which you will be able to add more and more friends on over this Canadian based chat messenger application.

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